Prayer need- back pain

Dear family,

Yesterday, with no apparent injury, I began experiencing lower back pain effecting my standing and walking.  If you were in attendance last night, you had the good fortune of witnessing this spectical.  After addressing the pain with medication, and other therapies, I have awoken to extreme pain in my back that is making it near impossible to stand, walk, or even sit upright.  Please pray.  I desire to fulfill my duties as minister this morning, sitting if necessary.



Update- Monday 8/31: For those of you in attendance yesterday, thank you for your understanding as I kept my seat as we joined together to worship.  My back pain as of this morning was worse and I was able to get in to see a doctor.  Following my x-rays, the doctor indicated I have a strained 4 and 5 lumbar.  I still cannot recall what I did to injure myself, but the proof is on the film.  The pain is still unbearable and we are having a hard time managing it with medication.  Please pray that the inflamation subsides and that this ordeal is over as quickly as the Lord wills.  Thank you for all of your support and prayers.


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